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Where do I start Decluttering?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Where to start with decluttering

There are no rules as to where to begin decluttering your home, but if you are unsure, I often suggest the bedroom. It is the place where you start and end your day. It is a place where you can retreat, unwind and relax, and a space where you can escape to when you want some peace and quiet away from the bustle of daily life. Many of us have too much bedroom furniture in which we can store all our ‘stuff’; a common error which makes a room look crowded and smaller than it really is. What is actually required is less furniture and a reduction in our belongings! Bedrooms often become a holding area for all those things we don’t know what else to do with from exercise equipment, book cases, work related items, and unnecessary electrical goods. Beware of hiding clutter under the bed; This space influences the quality of our sleep. Even dressing tables can become messy clutter zones and take up precious space. If you have a small bedroom then you really need to be ruthless with your possessions:

Aim to reduce clothing to a manageable amount so cupboards and drawers close effortlessly and items are easy to find. If you haven’t worn an item for 2 years or more then it is quite likely you won’t wear it again. Make sure you only keep items that you love or make you feel good; taking into account the colour and texture of the fabrics too.

Keep the space on the top of wardrobes clear if possible. Wardrobes built into alcoves help to streamline and lessen the visual impact of freestanding varieties in a limited space and prevent the tops becoming a dust trap.

Allow energy to circulate under the bed, keeping only linen and towels there if storage space is at a premium.

Ideally keep dirty laundry baskets outside the bedroom as they attract stale energy.

Relocate your home office if possible, otherwise screen it off or cover with a throw at night to help disguise it and encourage restful sleep.

If space is tight replace a dressing table with a small wall mounted shelf and mirror, storing cosmetics out of view if possible, or in a unit in the bathroom.

Avoid book cases in bedrooms, and ideally have matching bedside tables for bedtime reading and essential items.

Keep electrical items to a minimum; and if you can’t live without a TV, it is preferable to have a small screen and switch off at the mains before sleep!

Keep decorative items to a minimum as they attract dust and become clutter in themselves.

Choose a simple, calming colour scheme, and generally limit patterns to a feature wall, bedding and artwork.

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