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How Clutter Affects our Health & Energy Levels

Both our physical and mental health and well-being are impacted by clutter in our environment.

It isn’t really surprising that a cluttered home may leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, confused and guilty that we ought to be able to be much more organised and in control. As things start to escalate depression may set in, accompanied by sleep problems, tiredness and a feeling that the energy has been drained from our bodies. Ailments and illness are common among those living with Hoarding Disorder, along with low self esteem and poor personal boundaries.

Physical effects on the body can be raised cortisol (stress hormone) levels, along with a slowing down of physical activity often leading to weight gain, (in my experience) - fat being another layer of protection accompanying the clutter. Sadly family arguments and problems with relationships may also often ensue. Clutter attracts dust and dirt and eventually, in more extreme cases flies and vermin. It is responsible for homes not being properly cleaned; the resulting dust mite often causing runny noses and eyes, coughs and in some cases allergies and asthma.

It has long been understood in Feng Shui circles that clutter is a source of negative energy or Chi. When energy becomes stagnant and therefore can’t flow freely it has a mirror effect on the occupants causing feelings of apathy, suffocation and being stuck. Clutter is a distraction from the more important issues in our lives as it causes scattered thinking and prevents the brain from focusing.

Clearing our clutter for good means addressing any underlying issues that we may have avoided until now. Issues such as bereavement, illness, loss of possessions, global displacement, multiple home moves, or anything that has caused undue trauma at any time during our lives can be a trigger.

Yes, of course it is likely to be challenging, and there will be a cost attached, but working with a professional who will sensitively guide you through the gradual process of letting go is incredibly empowering and transformative and may just change your life.

To discover what help is available in your area The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers has an online directory of Organisers to suit your particular needs:

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