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What my clients say

"I approached Julze just after I realised I had Hoarding Disorder 6 years ago; not only was my home full but I had extreme reactions to anyone trying to move my things. Julze listened to my needs and worked with me at my pace, she found out what was important to me and how to keep functionality going on at home between sessions. She also learned where the ‘no go’ areas were and only approached them when I was ready. In the 6 years, she has helped me move home, create a functional living space in all of my rooms, address items with huge emotional significance safely and been not only a pair of strong arms but also a listening ear. I am now able to manage my own space and live safely, meeting important personal goals. It has been an amazing intervention that I will always be grateful for."

LC Southampton



"Thank you so much for your help I don’t know how I would have managed without it and have very much appreciated your calm cool and efficient way of working when I have wanted to scream with frustration or exhaustion! We have achieved a lot between the two properties and mum is so happy in her new home which is very satisfying to me. In a world where things are so uncertain it is reassuring that I had reliable backup when others let me down."

BP Fareham

“Julze combines professionalism and integrity with a warm, positive attitude. She clearly walks her talk and her gentle encouragement has helped me to understand why I have held onto clutter and to see that I no longer need it. With Julze’s support I have been able to clear out car loads of physical baggage from the past, much more than I could ever have achieved on my own. The space we created has helped me to feel mentally clearer and allowed more positive and nurturing relationships to come into my life. ”

EH Maidenhead

“Having downsized considerably I found myself in my new flat surrounded by boxes and feeling totally overwhelmed at the thought of having too much stuff for my new space. That is where Julze came to my rescue! She intuitively guided me through the difficult process of letting go in a gentle, caring, yet very focused way, allowing me the time I needed to assimilate this emotional journey. I am amazed at how much we achieved in such short space of time. Julze then went on to assist me with the interior of my flat which now looks wonderful and really feels like home. I am very grateful and highly recommend her expertise and wisdom.”

GW Teddington

“I suffer from anxiety, so on meeting Julze she mentioned she may be able to help. Wow she really has; I’m starting to feel like me again after all these years. Julze is so amazing at what she does and really makes you feel looked after, calm and special! She has amazing healing powers in her hands and the best listening ears ever!"

MF Hampshire


“We would recommend Julze's services 100%! Faced with the daunting task of unpacking dozens of boxes which had accumulated over the years and taken over 2 rooms in the house, we contacted Julze and she was amazing! Patient, organised and consistent, she was really good at helping make decisions as to what to keep, recycle or discard...and she also takes things away to charity shops etc so minimal wastage.

We have known Julze for several years and she has always been cheerful, tactful, non-judgemental and easy to have around the home. My mother and I both have fatigue conditions and she has always been accommodating and understanding of our limitations... She is really versatile and willing to help out with different aspects of house clearing; she recently helped me move home when I was feeling quite unwell, and also does amazing Reiki and Rose healing which my mother and I found really relaxing after a hard day's decluttering, so that's a bonus too!

If you are wondering if it's worth employing a specialist to help declutter and organise your home, I would say, give it a try- book Julze and see what a difference she makes! ”

TU Dorset


“Julze has been an absolute treasure in helping me declutter and organise my home. She has a huge amount of common sense and practical knowledge combined with a sensitive and wise and approach to the emotional aspects of clearing. She is a lovely person to work with and I am delighted to recommend her.”

SW N.London


“Julze came to spend two days with me to help sort through and clear my crammed cellar and loft due to relocating. I found the whole process so enlightening, as if Julze unlocked some doors, enabling me to let go of things which I had been storing for the last twenty years! Her calm, efficient and organised manner allowed us to swiftly shift four van loads of stuff both to charity and the recycling centre. A job which if I'd undertaken alone would have taken me weeks! Julze never once 'suggested' I get rid of something, rather allowed me to quickly reach that conclusion on my own. No pressure just gentle guidance, giving me the confidence to move forward and release the clutter that had been clogging my mind and my house!! I would thoroughly recommend Julze to anyone who needs someone to help free themselves of the physical and emotional burden of 'stuff'. I had the best nights sleep ever after we had finished and look forward to a clutter free future! As an added bonus I have just had notification that my unwanted clutter has raised £214.95 for the Sue Ryder charity – fabulous!”

JB Henley


“My house felt out of control, and when I thought about confronting the chaos, it was just too overwhelming, so I had continued to do nothing for far too long. Enter Julze, stage right! I cannot tell you how refreshing and motivating it was to have Julze on board to galvanise me into action. She swiftly put well thought out ideas, first on to paper, and then into action - my dreamt of tidy bedroom became a reality! It was a full day of activity involving both of us, but the momentum was what I needed, and the process and results were just SO satisfying. I recommend Julze’s services to anyone who needs that helping hand to see through the chaos and the clutter, and to realise just what is possible, even in just one day. Yes, there is cost involved, and I was nervous, but let me assure you, it is money well spent.”


SM Surrey


“Julze is a gentle yet powerful healer. She clearly loves what she does and has a natural way of making you feel relaxed and pampered. I absolutely love having both Reiki and Rose Alchemy treatments with Julze and the experiences have helped me to find deep peace and clarity and have positively contributed to major shifts in my life”

EH Berkshire


“Being a single parent running my own business and having to be on top of everything, it was a breath of fresh air to have Julze come in and manifest all my wishes for a clearer, more contemporary, zen-like home for my own pleasure and to be able to unwind in a peaceful space and as a consequence feel less overwhelmed and chaotic in myself. I am thrilled with my beautiful home, not only in its stylish contemporary new look but all the unseen elements such as filing in place and easy to access without panicking!, kitchen surfaces clean and clear, makeup stored and not all over the place etc etc. Julze is a marvel and a wonderful mine of information and someone I've come to trust with all aspects of my life manifesting in my house- I'm almost sad I don't have much else to sort out- perhaps I’ll make a bit of chaos again in order to get it sorted!! Thank you Julze - I cannot recommend you highly enough. ”

DW Surrey


“My time spent with Julze has been really motivating. In just a few weeks she helped me declutter my flat and subsequently my mind which felt overwhelming, I have been able to make necessary changes to maintain this new found energy.  Julze has  a quiet and compassionate approach that made the whole process feel smooth and effortless. ”


JM SW.London


“I wanted help with decluttering my kitchen and having Julze with me was such a support! She was very non-judgemental about the things that I had been hanging on to and which were obviously totally unnecessary to keep. Several bin bags later, I felt much lighter as a result of tidy drawers and cupboards. Julze made me realise there was no need to keep things in case they might be useful one day and it is a great relief to feel so much more organised. Knowing where things are also means that I save a lot of time! She is also very logical in terms of where and how things could be stored! I thoroughly recommend working with Julze.”


MK Kingston


“Working with Julze has been really motivating. Over a few months she helped me see where I needed to make necessary changes in my life, in areas that have been a problem for a long time. Julze works in a caring and gentle way that made the change feel easy. I can't recommend her highly enough.”


JM Cardiff

“The coaching experience was great. I felt very comfortable talking to Julze and many insights popped in my mind during our sessions. These insights also changed many personal perceptions, including the way I see and act towards myself and people around. Julze also introduced me to great writers, such as Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, who contribute to my daily source of information and learning. I am convinced that working with Julze has contributed immensely to my personal and spiritual development and I recommend to everyone.”

CS Brazil

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