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Letting Go of Our Stuff

Updated: May 19, 2022

Letting go of unwanted things

Prior to meeting with an anxious new client I was asked the question: “So my biggest problem is keeping things that cost me money and could be useful to others. What will you say to me to convince me to get rid of things?” That is a great question, but not one easily answered when I have neither met you, nor seen your space. People are all so very different. So what works for one person might not necessarily work for someone else.

However, I would definitely ask you to consider the quality of your life right now and that of other family members living with you. What would you like to change if you could? How easy is it for everyone to find things and carry out routine daily tasks? How good would it feel to be clutter free? We don't need half of the material possessions we accumulate around us on our elusive quest for happiness, and we certainly can't take any of them with us when we finally check out of here!

I encourage people to live to their space and trust all will be well; A challenge for many, but it reaps huge rewards in peace of mind and much happier family members. When working with clients, I never 'make' anyone get rid of anything; People reach that decision themselves with me facilitating the process.

If you are seeking happiness through your possessions then you are looking in the wrong place! Happiness comes from within and it is happy people who create happy homes, (it’s not the job of all the material things we fill them with). When we attribute importance to things because of their monetary value we are probably living in the shadow of limiting beliefs adopted from our experiences when we were very young; things like: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees, my family have never been rich, money is the root of all evil, I don’t deserve to be wealthy’, and so on, – ‘so I have to hang on to what I have in case I can’t afford a replacement if I need one in future’. Beliefs like these and traumas get stuck in our energy body and perpetuate patterns of subconscious behaviour unless we get the opportunity to challenge them. That is why clutter clearing is such a powerful process because it does just that. It isn’t just about letting go of our material stuff. Generally it is about letting go of all of our emotional and mental baggage we have kept so tightly packed away for the whole of our lives. When we find out it’s safe to let go of that ‘stuff’ the material things becomes easy.

So if you are thinking about sorting out your space once and for all, you have already taken the first step in deciding to do something about it. Please relax about the decluttering process; Letting go is actually easier than the thought of doing it! Pat yourself on the back and know that there is a clearer, brighter future waiting just ahead.

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