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Holistic Home's own Makeover

Updated: May 19, 2022

Holistic Home is now 8 years old, so I am really happy to present my new website. Here on my blog page I shall be regularly sharing tips on decluttering, stress management and holistic well-being. So to begin with here are just a few easy steps that may help you start the declutter process:


1. Pick up your mess!

One of the easiest things you can do to make an instant difference is to get all mess off the floor. Whether this is clothes, shoes, paperwork, toys, bags, newspapers, magazines, books, empty wrappers or dirty crockery, to name just a few. This simple exercise will lift your energy and expand your living space.

Kitchen mess

2. Doors

Ensure that all doors open easily and nothing obstructs them from opening fully and avoid piling too many clothes on hooks on the back of doors. It is frustrating squeezing through restricted doorways and it prevents the flow of important energy reaching and energising all areas of the home and its occupants. When energy starts to flow the decluttering process becomes easier too.

Open Doors

3. Entrance Halls

Keep the area around the front door clear. Negotiating a path around mounds of coats, shoes, brollys, sports kits and kids stuff is both tiring and a trip hazard! Ideally keep this area clutter free, but if space is an issue organise it as neatly as possible, keep only seasonal gear out and pack the rest away. Attend to mail daily to prevent it accumulating and if you have a piece of furniture here avoid the temptation for it to become a mini clutter zone of its own or remove it.

Clear entrance hall

4. Start Small

For many the thought of a total home declutter is just too overwhelming so procrastination sets in and the job never gets started. If this sounds familiar then start small with an area like a drawer, small cupboard or even a shelf. This small victory is likely to provide the encouragement we sometimes need to get the declutter process moving forward to the next step.

Minature decluttering

5. Exit Strategy

Ensure bagged and boxed clutter leaves the premises as soon as possible to prevent the temptation to go back and revisit earlier decisions! Even if you are happy with your choices it can be oh so tempting for other members of the family to investigate and rehome your junk!


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