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Protecting Ourselves Against Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)

Updated: May 19, 2022


Electromagnetic Fields pollute the environment and are known to depress the immune and nervous systems of the body; possibly leading to insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches and serious illness, including cancer, and may also have a negative effect on the unborn developing foetus.

With our excessive use of electronic devices; mobile phones, modems, laptops, and TV’s to mention just a few, WIFI in our homes and workplaces plus the impact of mobile masts and 5G everywhere, is it any wonder that the human race seems to be getting increasingly sicker?

In this modern era it almost impossible to avoid exposure to many of these EMF’s, so it is sensible to look to ways of protecting ourselves where we can. As much as possible keep your mobile phone away from your body when it is not in use, and if pregnant definitely keep it away from your abdomen. Keep babies and young children away from your mobile where you can and refrain from letting them play with it, as unless it is turned off it will always be radiating. Switch phones off at night where feasible, or at least on Airplane Mode if you only use it as an alarm clock. If this is impossible I would advise keeping them as far away from you as possible while you sleep.

I wrote about the benefits of using plants in the home in my previous blog so will only mention it again briefly here. Plants are one really good way of improving the air quality in our homes and also play a part in dealing with and absorbing harmful EMF’s emitted from our electronic devices. Choose plants which uplift you and look good in your home, and where possible have one plant per each device.

Crystals are well documented to have healing qualities and ability to absorb negative energies; probably one of the very best for dealing with the adverse effects of EMF’s is Shungite.

What is Shungite?

It is a unique 2 billion year old black rock comprised of up to 98% carbon. Found only in the Karelia region of northern Russia, it has naturally occurring fullerenes - hollow molecules that are considered to have healing properties and ability to absorb and neutralise electromagnetic energy. I have witnessed for myself the difference a piece of shungite placed on the rear of my phone made during bioresonace testing on my body, so I now have shungite on all my devices for protection, and a large shungite pyramid by my bed.

Shungite for Mobile phones

If you are interested in purchasing shungite for mobile phones and IT equipment at £5 each please contact me via my contact page.

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