• Feeling stressed?
  • Finding it impossible to relax?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings?
  • Looking for a fresh start after separation or bereavement?
  • Facing a life changing challenge such as serious illness?

Holistic Home

Excessive stress levels seem to be at an all time high. Our fast pace lives and desire for ‘more’, plus our obsession with the latest technology, has driven us far away from who we really are, and we have lost our connection with the natural world. There are also Lifestyle and Dietary stress factors with too much fast food and too little exercise impacting on the way we feel and behave. When one steps back and looks at the picture objectively it is really not that surprising that people today seem to be more stressed and less satisfied than ever.


Holistic Home aims to help reduce some of these stresses by working on a number of levels. Firstly, using Coaching and Mentoring to address mental, emotional and spiritual issues impacting on health and happiness. Secondly through Holistic Massage and Reiki to relax and soothe both mental and physical body. Thirdly by creating simpler, less cluttered and calm home environments to support and nurture us on all levels, thus leading to an inner harmony.


In order to truly feel happy and comfortable or ‘at home’ in ourselves as well as our physical surroundings it is helpful to work on ourselves and our lives as a whole, in order for us to be able to move forwards with health, clarity and joy.


Holistic Home is a fusion of overlapping disciplines and can be broken down into the following services which are offered either separately or as a complete holistic package:


  • Mind – Coaching and Mentoring
  • Body – Holistic Massage, Relaxation and Reiki
  • Home – Clutter Clearing and Home Organisation

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