• Having difficulty selling a property?
  • Looking for a fresh start after separation or bereavement?
  • Facing a life changing challenge such as serious illness?
  • Need assistance turning a house into a home?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings?
  • Looking to create a calm supportive environment?
  • Want a healthier home?

Holistic Home

Holistic Home is my definition of a practice which includes the implementation of calm, supportive, ecological interior design, Feng Shui principles, clutter clearing and organisation, healthy materials and products and a balanced approach to healthy living. There is also the opportunity to explore any underlying emotional issues through coaching and visualisation techniques, all from the safety of your own home.


Your home is a mirror of your life. What does your home say about you? Calm and orderly? Disorganised and confused? If your home lacks harmony it is quite likely that your life, or elements of it, will also be in disarray. Many people find themselves feeling ‘stuck’ in their lives and we often find this reflected in their home environment. Your home is a barometer of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Holistic Home reviews the way energy flows through the space, the layout and positioning of furniture, the use of colour to heal and support, and advises on ways to improve the quality of the atmosphere. Also encouraged are the use of natural materials, environmentally friendly paints, healthy products and plants, always respecting the client’s freedom to choose. Recycling, the environment, energy efficiency, ecologically conscious choices, and reducing our carbon footprint, are also important.


Holistic Home is a fusion of overlapping disciplines and can be broken down into the following services which are offered either separately or as a complete Holistic Home package:


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